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June 12, 2022
Mobile landing page | Create Dynamic Landing Page for Mobile Web

Creating an appealing page is one of the most reliable ways to enhance conversions for your marketing campaigns. There are several tools you can use to easily create mobile landing pages instead of coding one from scratch. is one of those tools. In this article, I will take you through everything you need to know about Wizlink and why you should consider using it. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

About Wizlink

Wizlink is a dynamic mobile landing page builder for marketers, entrepreneurs, content creators and influencers to create intelligent landing pages for social media and the mobile web. All the features in this tool are centered around accomplishing this task. Wizlink landing pages or Wizpages, as we call them, are mobile-first or mobile-ready. This means, first and foremost, they are built for mobile browsing and every other platform comes after, so they are mobile-optimized and light-weight.

Core features of Wizlink

  • Multiple cards

While creating your landing page, you will have the option to choose from over 30 cards (widgets) depending on the type of campaign you are running. We’ll keep adding more widgets to the library of templates as the platform evolves.

  • Intelligent page builder with preview

Wizlink also has a simple page builder that you will use to create and customize your cards and import the link that your audience will be redirected to. This tool also allows you to preview all the changes you make while editing for a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) experience, thus enabling you to see how your landing page will look on mobile devices.

  • Multiple themes

Another handy customisation option you will get with this tool is the ability to change the theme of your card to your liking. Some cards come with more than one theme. As you switch between the theme options, you will be able to preview in real-time their design or functionality differences.

  • Analytics

Another important feature in this tool is the ability to view the performance of your campaigns. Wizlink analytics will give you page and content performance data, including page and content views, link clicks and click-through rates. These metrics will come handy for insights, decision making and to optimize your campaigns.

Why Wizlink?

  • No coding required: You won’t have to write any single line of code while creating your dynamic mobile landing pages.
  • Simple to use: This tool is incredibly simple to use. There are limited customisation options so you can work quickly, decide quickly and publish cards, buttons and calls to action to your different online contents in a short time so you can spend more time on other important things of building your brand. While creating a campaign, all you need is to choose a card that suits your current need, edit the placeholder content, paste a destination URL for your call to action or select other CTA types, then publish!
  • It is FREE: Wizlink is currently free, so you will have access to all its features without spending any single dollar.
  • Mobile optimized: The biggest percentage of your online audience are likely to access their social media (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter etc.) on mobile devices. So, creating mobile landing pages that are primarily built for mobile devices will significantly boost your conversion rates.

Final thoughts is the mobile landing page builder that any influencer, content creator and marketer should check out today more so, if you don’t have the budget for the premium conventional landing page builders. It is very simple to use and comes with all the basic features you would need to create an appealing mobile landing page, plus more.

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